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Pudhucherry is located in India (South)

The Union Territory of Pudhucherry is constituted out of the four erstwhile French establishments of Pudhucherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam.

It is interesting to note that Pudhucherry is not a single block of territorial entity.

While Pudhucherry is located about 170 Kms. south of Chennai, Karaikal lies about 150 Kms. further down south, near Nagapattinam. Mahe lies on the western ghats surrounded by Kerala and is about 653 Kms. away from Pudhucherry and Yanam is about 840 Kms. north-east of Pudhucherry, near Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh.

Pudhucherry can be accessed through Chennai Airport while Yanam is about 200 Kms. from Vishakapatnam Airport.

Karaikal can be reached from Tiruchirapalli airport which is 75 kms from Karaikal.

Mahe can be reached from Calicut Airport which is 70 Kms. from Mahe.

The total area of all the regions is around 492 Sq.Kms.

Government of Pudhucherry also provides very good infrastructural facilities of roads, electricity and water supply.

Above all Pudhucherry has very informal work culture where all government executives and even Ministers are easily approachable.

Pudhucherry provides a peaceful and quality work force with no hassles of trade unions.

And all this has made Pudhucherry a heaven for existing and new industrial units.




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Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said...

I like coming here because Pudhucherry is a pleasant place, and a peaceful place in this turbulent world.

I hope .. That the learning of French will continue in Pudhucherry and make Pudhucherry a centre in India of the French language and a Window of the French Culture which is a great culture of the western world





492 sq.km





Population 2001

9.74 lakhs




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